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The Association of Korean Woman Scientists and Engineers (KWSE), which celebrates its 24th anniversary this year, has grown to become a leading, recognized organization representing women scientists and engineers in Korea. Since it held the first-ever convergence-themed international academic conference on biotechnology (BT), information technology (IT), environment and energy technology (ET), and nanotechnology (NT), called “BIEN” in 2003, the association has been striving to promote academic collaboration and leadership capability among women scientists and engineers around the world. For a step forward, this year’s event, BIEN 2017, will be held at The Plaza Seoul from Thursday, August 31, to Saturday, September 2.

Women scientists and engineers with a pioneering spirit will go on to become future leaders of scientific and technological innovation based on their excellent communication and convergence abilities. The KWSE has organized BIEN 2017 to celebrate the dedication and tenacity of women scientists and engineers and to promote greater interchange and collaboration among future women leaders in science and technology fields.

Under the theme of “Women Scientists and Engineers Shaping the Future,” BIEN 2017 will bring together experts in bio, Information, Environment/Energy/Earth, Nano and Space technologies from about 20 countries worldwide and have them engage research achievements and information exchange with active discussions. The conference will also host special sessions on the specific topics, policy, and KWSE/APNN International Young Woman Scientist Camp to enable the participants to forecast future developments in science and society and to engage in productive networking for cooperative culture.

We invite you to BIEN 2017, where we can all celebrate greater convergence and solidarity in gender and research with the goal of designing and ushering in a new and better future.

Your support and active participation would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

  • Haryoung POO, Ph.D.
    Chair of BIEN2017
  • Hye-On YOON, Ph.D.
    Co-Chair of Organizing Committee
  • Hyo-Suk LIM, Ph.D.
    Co-Chair of Organizing Committee
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