BIEN 2017 Woman Scientists and Engineers Shaping The Future 31st August (Thur.) ~ 2nd September (Sat.), 2017 The Plaza Hotel, Seoul, Korea

Plenary Speakers

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  • BIO Jae Ung Jung Distinguished Professor and Chair
    University of Southern California
    Plenary Session Ⅰ
    11:10-12:00, August 31 (Thu)
    Lecture Title:
    Zika Virus and Brain Defects in Babies
  • BIO Justine Cassell Professor and Associate Dean
    Carnegie Mellon University
    Plenary Session Ⅱ
    17:00-17:50, August 31 (Thu)
    Lecture Title:
    Socially Aware Artificial Intelligence: Women Changing the Future of Computer Science
  • BIO Marlene Kanga President Elect
    World Federation of Engineering Organizations
    Plenary Session Ⅲ
    17:00-17:50, September 1 (Fri)
    Lecture Title:
    Smart Diversity Strategies for Shaping a Sustainable Future
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